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Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao tells the story of - you guessed it - Han Tao. Once the most famous general in the country, Han Hao won every battle he fought until he one day mysteriously disappeared in midst of a chaotic battlefield. 
Now, many years later, Han Tao is the derelict drunk guardian of the sacred artifact the Star of Destiny, which contains the soul of the legendary First Emperor.
When an Evil Overlord manages to steal the Star of Destiny, Han Tao vows to get it back, and sets out to catch the evildoer. The Overlord, however, has an army of henchmen at his disposal, and Han Tao must fight across several levels - each containing several waves of enemies - in order to the Evil Overlord. Meanwhile, he also has to deal with other, lesser bosses as well as his old drinking habit.  
 Han Tao - completely oblivious to the vampire behind him.


Invincible Tiger is a pretty standard 2D brawler game somewhat like Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath and Beyond or Bionic Commando: Rearmed- except with fisticuffs instead of guns. Han Tao must use his martial arts skills in order to knock out wave upon wave of enemies on each level. 
Successful hits will raise one part of his Yin-Yang meter, while successfully dodging enemy attacks will raise the other. When the two parts meet, Han Tao can enter a special mode (think Hazard Time), and get increased powers for a limited time. He can also use meditation to heal - this will, however, decrease the Yin-Yang meter, and requires Han Tao to be stationary (which can be difficult when a horde of ninjas is out to get you). 
There are several other gameplay elements in the game as well, such as 'Evil souls' that can be collected and either used to recharge health or saved for later use as a 'smart bomb', which will eradicate any enemy currently present on the level. 

Sound and music

Invincible Tiger - The Soundtrack 
 The game prides itself of having a mix of funky 70's music intermingled with classic oriental music, which goes along with the cartoonish sound effects of punches and karate screams.

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