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In Secret of Evermore, casting a spell reveals invisible pathways

An invisible bridge is a bridge that can not be seen. It is usually a secret path that can lead you to a secret area.

Invisible bridges can be found in two ways. The first and by far the riskiest is to take a leap of faith and hope that an invisible bridge will catch you. Sometimes, these bridges are visible thanks to dust that might settle on it or water that splashes on it. Once the leap of faith taken and the bridge found, you must then proceed very slowly up the bridge, trying to find your footing and not fall off.

The second way to find an invisible bridge is via a gameplay mechanic. If the character you are playing as has the power to see things that are not visible to the naked eye, he will most likely be able to spot an invisible bridge. For example, in Alice: Madness Returns, Alice has the power to shrink. Shrinking lets her see things that were not visible when she was of regular height. Invisible bridges and platforms appear while she is in this mode. However, when she returns to regular size, the bridge disappears.

Invisible bridges can also be revealed by using items or casting spells. For example, in Secret of Evermore the player can cast the alchemy spell "Revealer" in order to reveal invisible pathways. Also, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link can use the Ether medallion to temporarily reveal hidden paths.

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