Just got an iPad!

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So I went out and bought the new iPad today, spur of the moment kind of thing. So I would like some recommendations for games to play that look good and play good on he iPad, keep in mind I have an iPhone already.

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One of my favourite iPad games is Eufloria, which is actually a PC game ported to the iPad. Also worth checking out field runners, and of course plants vs zombies.

#4 Posted by MEATBALL (3718 posts) -

Hunters 2 is a pretty cool turn-based strategy title.

#5 Posted by Sgykah (95 posts) -

Galaxy on Fire 2 and such.

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Ticket to Ride, Carcasonne and other board games like that. They're great on the iPad.  
Puzzlejuice. I really enjoy playing it. It's quite goofy.  
Gta3 is actually really good for having touch controls.  It runs at solid 60fps on the new iPad (I just like goofing around on it more than anything).  
If you like tower defense check out Kingdom Rush. It's a ton of fun and actually challenging unlike most tower defense games.   
And lastly, Battleheart. It's a strategy game of sorts. I think it's also on iPhone but it works way better on iPad. 
There's a ton more games but those are the only ones I've gotten to play so far because I'm so busy with finals right now.

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Super jelly. ):

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Ghost Trick, Fairway Solitaire HD, Carcassonne, and Ascension

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I'm a DrawSomething sucker. RealRacing2HD looks really great on the new screen.

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infinity 1/2 are great

#11 Posted by 71Ranchero (3007 posts) -

The War of Eustrath. It plays like Fire Emblem but its Mech based. Pretty sure its a remake of an old PC game.

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If you got the new iPad (or maybe even the iPad 2) the TellTale adventure games are fantastic on a touch screen. They just don't run as well as I'd like on the original iPad.

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The only game I played on an iPad is Mirror's Edge and it was soooooooooo much fun

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I played a bunch of Minecraft pocket for some reason, also PVZ is still PVZ.

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Superbrother sword and sorcery, game's the shit.

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GTA 3 is pretty good, but those damn touch screen controls take some getting used to.

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If you haven't already sunk entire days of your life into Sid Meyer's Pirates! then you can do it on the iPad now. It's a decent enough port and it's awesome to have a version of that to take on the go. Scribblenauts on the iPad is better than the iPhone and DS versions for obvious reasons, and if you use a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad, entering insane strings of words into the game is a snap.

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I just got a Transformer Prime today :D

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Anybody reccomend me Max Payne or Dead Space

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Gridrunner, Goat Up and 5 A Day.

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Infinity Blade for sure! It's only a buck for the first game now. It's good on the phone but I bet it's even better on an iPad.

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Max Payne and GTA.

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So spent most of yesterday messing with it, gotta say the best games are simple ones. There's this open world game set in Rio that is kinda cool but controls iffy.

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The one downfall of my iPad is I hate most mobile games. Granted I really didn't buy it for games. But still I find my self looking for something. I need to just find something that plays to the strength of the iPad and not a port of something like say max Payne P.S. Typing on this thing is a real breeze!

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Most board games are pretty baller on iPad, especially ticket to ride.

I'm still wondering whether to invest in one, I wouldn't use it for games though.

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@Hizang said:

Anybody reccomend me Max Payne or Dead Space

Both are worth it. Dead Space for the iPad is fantastic though.

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The calendar is cool. So is Safari.

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Found a game i like and could not recommend it enough. The Pinball Arcade I normally dislike the idea of video pinball, but this one is just done so well! ahh memories.

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I hear Eufloria is meant to be out on iPad soon (now?). Get it, get it, get it, get it!

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