Any web browser that works with giantbomb for posting?

#1 Posted by rubsnick (223 posts) -

It seems as tough giant bomb hates mobile stuff so every browser that I've tried on the Iphone just don't allow me to post anything much. So I was searching and found that Bolt works sometimes.... but it's a big sometimes so yeah... anyone here know one that works for the site?

#2 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

The mobile site for subscribers is awesome :)

#3 Posted by rubsnick (223 posts) -

Well I don't want to pay when I can use the site for free ya know? and this is being posted from bolt...need to figure out why it works sometimes...

#4 Posted by Mike (15310 posts) -
@rubsnick: Everyone could get most of the content on the site for free, but they choose to subscribe to support what Whiskey is doing here. 
#5 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

MooTools doesn't work in mobile browsers. Creating a JavaScript framework that works properly in all browsers, including mobile browsers, is hard. The frameworks should have been compatible with all browsers from the start, but alas they aren't. This is not a fault of the Whiskey Media engineers, it's a fault of the tools they have to work with.

#6 Posted by rubsnick (223 posts) -

And what exactly is whiskey doing? So moo tools is the one that do all the cool stuff? Nice But I know when your tools suck you have tough time. I had a database project that wasn't working and it turned out to be my laptop not working with my crap. almost failed a class thanks to that.

#7 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -
@rubsnick: Whiskey Media is using the framework, 'cause it makes things a lot easier. But of course it doesn't do all their work for them. Whiskey's engineers still have plenty of stuff to do.
So I took another look at the mobile site, and it seems it's using jQuery. I don't know if it's jQuery Mobile or the official jQuery. The tools I use aren't telling me. If it's the latter, they must have improved their mobile support. Neat.
I do wish the Whiskey Media guys would do a bit more graceful degradation stuff for better compatibility though. Like, for example, that "Post Reply" button right below on the normal site. It's not an actually HTML button. It's a link that uses JavaScript to make it go. If I have JavaScript disabled, there's still a box I can type into, but I can't submit the message. Why? I don't know why, but that's the way they built the site.
#8 Edited by KaosAngel (14251 posts) - know if you really want to post from the iPhone, you can push the insert HTML key and just type your text in there. 
I for one was willing to pay Whiskey just for the mobile site, the other stuff I couldn't care about.

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