Apple Unveils Faster, Taller, Thinner iPhone 5

#201 Posted by Nomin (1004 posts) -

Not much to get excited about, really. Not an anti-Apple guy, just there wasn't 'one more thing'.

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So the screen is still smaller then my Galaxy S2? haha

No thanks apple and you can keep your shitty Itunes program

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I was thinking of getting a Windows Phone 8 if there was a Lumia for it, seeing as how I don't like the Galaxy S3, but yoooooo this phone looks godlike. 

#204 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (528 posts) -

Think I'm going to stick with my iPhone 4. Does everything I want and is a great phone. Not sure what I was expecting from iPhone 5 but it was more than this.

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@wewantsthering said:

@PenguinDust said:

So, no 7-inch Ipad tablet revealed? Is that what I can take from today's event?

The rumor is that it's a separate event.

Okay. I was wondering if the internet rumor mill was letting me down.

#206 Posted by Saltank (199 posts) -

Can't wait to pick one up. No need to reinvent the wheel with each new phone release. All you haters shoulds stop whining.

#207 Posted by adambyrney (64 posts) -

@Anund said:

Why would anyone buy this over an Android phone? I just don't get it. It's the same phone again, except upgraded to barely compete with the top tier Android competitors and with a pricetag ~$200 above them. Unless you like the design of the phone I guess. And you're locked into iTunes... x.x

Pretty much this. All of the modern phones are in the same league (and have been for over a year), basically buy whichever you like most.

#208 Posted by radion_null (188 posts) -

All i can think about is how people are going to praise it for it´s gaming potentiall, and later quickly complain about the lack of physical buttons for the console-style games. Later they get reminded that the Vita does this but then they'll say thay don´t wanna play console-style games on the go. Then they turn to the 3DS but point out it is not as portable or versital as the iPhone. ....and it will go on. I think it's a good phone though. Worth the purchase but one can go with the HTC one line of products or the Galaxy 3 and be just as happy.

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After seeing the amazing size and screen of the samsung note, i'm not as impressed with this announcement as i might have been.

All my mobile gaming is now done on the vita, I'm finding it hard to go back to games on what now seems like a tiny screen on the iphone 4. The lure of more powerful processor does nothing for me as i'm sure it still wont match up to the vita, and despite there being some interesting games on the app store, there really still isn't anything that can compete with the deeper and richer titles and controls available on the vita - as limited as they are at the moment.

The iphone 4 super ceded my PSP and was my main gaming on the run for the last two years, i've probably spent around 400 dollars on games on ios.

There have been the odd high points, but now aside from checking out the occasional interesting title from the app store for cheap, it's mostly freemium focus tested garbage at this point, and i'm not convinced it will ever be a competitor game-wise aside from mindless casual grinds/distractions.

I guess what i'm saying is i was cautiously excited to see what they announced since i'm in the market to upgrade from the 4, but am just now realising everything it has to offer me i can get somewhere else.

#210 Posted by asantosbr (170 posts) -

Galaxy S 3 still the best phone.... Android the best mobile os by far.

#211 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Big Fat Meh... 

#212 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -
@crusader8463 said:

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

@thefriend said:


>Still buying Apple products

What areyouahipster.exe?

Seriously, with the android out, why would anyone still get an iPhone? Maybe provider is an excuse, but I doubt it. L2Phone people.

But what if I despise everything about Android?

Buy a windows phone.

How can you possible despise Android?
#213 Posted by Elazul (1345 posts) -

Long iPhone 4s is long.

#214 Posted by Bombzinski (265 posts) -

this is certainly videogame news!

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@Bombzinski said:

this is certainly videogame news!

see... because you clicked on the story you count as traffic. and the more traffic a story gets the more popular it is seen to be and more stories on apple products will be run ,

so even if its to post a great post like yours. if you hadn't clicked the story the news story would be less popular and GB would be less likely to run stories on apple shit.

so just ignore the stories you dont fucking like

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@iAmJohn said:

I'll stick with my 4S, thanks.

You say that like you are using a really old phone. Ofcourse you'll stick with it. It has been less than a year.

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This is basically a thinner 4s. I really think apple is losing its mojo. I do like the black aluminium antenna though, much more sleek. But the edges still piss me off, when in my pocket.

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@MstrMnyBgs said:

@McShank said:

Iphones are complete crap. More expensive then any other device that does the same thing. Screen is as fragile as a new born. Batterys pretty much always shit. Apple refuses to cover their own items for any kinds of damage besides the occasional cracked screen and even then they still will fight with you. Radio inside gives it piss poor range on its reception. Why is this crap on here? At least put something that hasn't been released multiple times and looks and works the same.

I've never had any issues with mine. Seems you are just bitter. I swear the anti-apple people are noisier than the apple people.

I have never had one and never will. I build pc's and use android phones. They have their own faults but iphones are just shit. Pay more for less. Screen is small, Phone is more expensive then any other phone out even at the lowest Gig model. Insurance that apple provides is complete crap. Cannot have it worked on at any store but apple stores. I work with phones as a job, and I can tell you this as not just my opinion but as a fact. Iphones are shit and unless your one of the very few who dont have any problems like a cracked screen, stolen, lost or never dropped your phone then gj and welcome to the minority of users.

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I'll be upgrading my 4, can't wait!

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