Control and Conquest needs your feedback!

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to start a thread in hopes of getting some feedback on a game my friend and I have been working on since February. We just launched a few weeks ago, and we've gotten some pretty nice reviews in the app store, but I wanted to hear what one of my favorite communities thought about our efforts.

The game is called Control and Conquest, and it's a location-based RPG. It features a turn-based fighting system with particle effect spells, a scouting system (location-based loot finding), pets, a ton of custom weapon artwork, 36 monsters, mini-games, card collection mechanics, and plenty of other stuff.

Here are some screenshots:

The game is free (supported by micro transactions), so giving it a try won't hurt your wallet, and would be a huge help to us. Here's the iTunes link:

Thanks to everyone who downloads and takes the time to try it out! Like I said before, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I downloaded it and will try it on the weekend, I'm busy studying for a test to get too deep into a game.

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@RE_Player92: Thanks very much! Feel free to PM me with your feedback, or use the handy feedback button right in the app (located in the settings menu).

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Nice ad bro

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@shinigami420: I guess this comes across as being a bit of an advertisement, but I'm just eager to hear what people think. This is our first effort at making something, and we want to make a living out of this, so feedback is important. I saw other topics with similar content, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

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