iphone 3g

#1 Posted by FinalBoss (130 posts) -

I have to say when the iphone first came out I really wanted one but for $500-$600 I was going to wait. Now the iphone 3g is out I can't resist it's so cheap $200-$300. I know signing up for AT&T will probubly coast a lot but that is such a low price.

Who here has bought an iphone 3g? Let me know if it is worth it.

#2 Posted by BryanBryan (24 posts) -

I have an original, and chose not to upgrade.  Just to warn you ahead of time,  the voice AND data plans for the 3g cost 10 dollars more a month than on the original,  the only advantage is faster internet(I'm not exactly sure how much faster, it might be worth it to you) and bigger hard-drive. However, the iPhone itself is, well, fucking awesome, even moreso with the new app store.  If you want the best and the fastest iPhone, go for the new 3g, however, you could probably find an original for even cheaper.

#3 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

thank god i didn't get an iphone when it came out. i got this cheap and i am loving it. not buying any of the games though, they look really stupid.

#4 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

I'd like to get my iPhone game on, but money is really essential in this exchange. I can't even steal one, because I need to activate the damn thing.

#5 Posted by Flexiable (105 posts) -

I want to get into the games on iPhone but I think I'll wait for them to mature a bit before putting my money down.

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