iPhone 5 question about playing video via safari while locked

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I had an iPhone 4 for the longest time which I didn't update often and recently bought the iPhone 5 and got into the whole new iOS 6.whatever. So notification pulldown etc is pretty new to me. Something I would do on my iPhone 4 would be to listen to the Bombcast via website on my way to work. I'd go to GiantBomb through safari, to the Bombcast page, click Download and it would open that quicktime page that would play the audio. I was always able to lock my phone and then just press play on my headphones and the sound would resume - this would also work on YouTube videos when viewed through safari.

I've noticed though that on the iPhone 5, or more specifically the newer iOS I suppose, when I am listening to the Bombcast through safari and I lock my phone the audio cuts off and I can't resume it. Even if I double click the home screen to bring up the FF/PLAY/RW buttons and press play it would continue playing the sound.

Is there some option you can turn on or is this some a function that for whatever reason Apple opted out of? I know you can just download the bombcast but I used the feature a lot in various instances so kinda saddens me that all of a sudden it doesn't work.

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