iPhone wallpaper thread!

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Feel free to post your favorite iPhone wallpapers!

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I use these two, and also have them as shirts.

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It's also my wallpaper for my PC and iPad.

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@AlisterCat: Fantastic, I'm so gonna use those.

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@DanHammett said:


OK, but only 'cos I pity you.

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@AlisterCat: I'll take what i can get. Side note, that looks awesome.

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@DanHammett said:

@AlisterCat: I'll take what i can get. Side note, that looks awesome.

It is a screenshot from Pid I was working on when I made the poster and stuff I just put up. It glows nicely for a phone background.

Edit: Not screenshot, concept art.

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My girlfriend made me this one for my birthday last year. It's a cutified picture of both of us. I of course love it!

EDIT: There we go! Dropbox fucked up the picture for some reason...

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