Just got an Iphone !

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Well, I've had one for a few months now, but I just picked up $50 in Itunes cards and are wondering what are some really good/essential games/apps to pick up
Thanks a lot :) 

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What was the point in that title?

Don't waste all that in iPhone apps/games as they are mostly crap, but Peggle, Fruit Ninja, Canabault, Tiny Wings and Infinity Blade are good.

If you go to the gym Roundtimer is a good timer for different circuits.

You can get an alarm clock that plays a custom music playlist called "alarm clock" and that is probably my favourite app of the lot.

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Final Fantasy III is pretty good but kind of expensive.

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Have you also chipped your 360?
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If you do a lot of driving and dont have a GPS the TomTom app is pretty cool. Most apps I get are free or less than five dollars with a few exceptions. Angry Birds, and Infintiy Blade are great. Infinity with less replay value though. Words with Friends is great but there is a free version. I can defiantly cant argue with the other suggestions

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Great, now go back to the store and get an Android.

#8 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Paper Toss.

#9 Posted by Krazy_D (95 posts) -
@ChristianCastillo: 15 bucks seems a little steep for an Iphone app, but I guess it's a solid price for an FF game,
I've never played FF3, worth it ?
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FF3(JP) is kind of bad. I'd recommend it to JRPG enthusiasts only, but i guess on the plus side I would actually recommend it to JRPG enthusiasts. I think in that case you should probably be playing a remake on a different system, though.
My recommendations are Wolfenstein RPG, Zenonia, Angry Birds, The Quest, 100 Rogues, and Battle for Wesnoth.

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@Krazy_D said:
@ChristianCastillo: 15 bucks seems a little steep for an Iphone app, but I guess it's a solid price for an FF game, I've never played FF3, worth it ?
I'm a huge jrpg/ final fantasy fan so for me it is but for anyone who isn't I wouldn't recommend wasting that much on an Iphone game.
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@Tanikaze: I picked up Zenonia, and 100 Rogues (Free!!) Thanks for the advice ! :)  
@SuperSambo:  Tiny Wings and Peggle are now mine ! Enjoying both !
I also grabbed Inotia, Ravensword, Rolando 2, and Osmos, any other suggestions ?
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why recommend zenonia 1 when you can recommend 3?

Baseball superstars II is really good if you like some lite arcadey baseball with rpg elements. only a buck last time I checked.

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Game Dev Story, Plants Vs Zombies, Doodlejump, Angry Birds, Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies are some great games.

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You picked right, so check out the Squeenix RPGs.

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@Axxol said:

Great, now go back to the store and get an Android.


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@Krazy_D: Thread title: Just got an Iphone !

First sentence in post: Well, I've had one for a few months now,


#18 Posted by Sean (22 posts) -

Words with Friends is a great Scrabble-like game and there is a free version available too (with ads between each turn). It's super addictive!

#19 Posted by Skald (4394 posts) -

You want Battleheart. That game is godly.

#20 Posted by Krazy_D (95 posts) -
@thehexeditor: Lmfao.
Solid point, sorry about that one :P
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Dungeon Raid.

#22 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

Osmos is a fun relaxing game you can try out.

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