Pearl Attack, my first Iphone game

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Hey everyone, I'm here to shoow  off my new iphone game Pearl attack.  It's a simple mix of peggle and missle commander.  It's a dollar on the Iphone store and I hope some of you will pick it up.  Here's a quick youtube vid showing it off.
 And here are a few promo codes....Yes i'm a whore, but the game is quite a bit of fun.  Come on download it, you know you want to...  

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One month later and I've just rolled out my first major update.  New graphics, new physics, new music, new new new....
I don't plan on making much cash of this one, it was more of an experiment to get to know the toolset I'm using.  But hell, might as well toss in a gameplay vid.
Its out now in the app store for 1 buck.  That's like a third of the price of Jeff's energy drinks!  (Update should go live by the end of this week)

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 Woah, clear graphical improvement, but it look slike you kept the same shells. I don't have an iPhone or whatever, so there is no way of me actually trying this out. 
I do want to ask though, where is the challenge in the game? What do you believe is in the game that will keep people coming back to Pearl Attack?    
Also, since you already seem to have a neat little collision engine going on, I'd recommend looking at things like popular pinball games for some ideas.
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Thanks, I found an artist that was able to do them up for me at a decent price.  As for the challenge, the game is in no short supply of that.  It's pretty easy to just keep one Pearl up and about.  But every 350 points, another pearl is dropped in.  Once you get past 1 it really gets hectic.  Also once you hit 500 points "clam shatter" mode kicks in.  It's like missile commander, when a pearl hits a clam it causes it to shatter.  Though if you survive that you'll be rewarded with another life and a new row of clams. 
Honestly, its fun.   
And the folks that have picked it up all seem to like it.  

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