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@pseg: Whoomp, there I am.

Looks like the people have spoken. Radicals all around.

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I didn't see the form, GB forums like to make hyper links really dark red and me being BLIND OF COLORS can have trouble seeing it.

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I sure hope you were looking for a video recap of this race, because it's posted now.

Loading Video...

Still not happy with how difficult it's become to set up XSplit after recent updates, but I'm working on it.

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Great recap as always, all my best moments caught on video.

Our little incident and my two spins right when you switch cameras. I did it all for the show, you know?

No seriously, it was a fun race and I have to learn to keep that car consistently fast and on the track. Looking forward to our championship and I hope we stick to the Skippy, I still really hate it in the official races but our last two hosted races were awesome! The post race discussions, recap and working on rivalries and just having discussions about the series as a whole makes this so much more fun than anonymous official races.


Oh and the demo derby of course. How could I forget that.

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This game looks pretty cool, would love to get into it.
Need to get a new controller first, tried some racing games with a keyboard and it ended badly.

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Great replay Pseg. Once again, you somehow managed to not show any of my accidents. The one time I intentionally went off course was to let a leader go by, which just happened to be shown in the video. Now everyone knows, Maxx is a great guy! :)

For anyone who is wondering about my custom paintjob, I made it via Trading Paints. You can upload custom liveries to that site for each of your vehicles. When you do a race, you'll see your paintjob as long as you have Trading Paints running in the background. Likewise, you'll see all the other custom paintjobs of the other racers and they'll see yours, provided they also happen to use Trading Paints. It basically gives you Forza-level control over the look of your cars. Painting the cars isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially a tiny car like the Skip Barber which is adorned with a bunch of sponsor logos you can't overwrite. You'll need a program like Photoshop, or some free alternative to paint the cars.

Big thanks to GB user @b0nd07 for making our league logo. All I did was plaster it all over my car. And thanks to Pseg for hooking me up with it. You can download the logo files from here.

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Enjoyable recap! Not a huge amount going on through the race, but as you said, a smaller field for this timeslot.

I get the feeling that if he hadn't spun on the opening lap, HayFourZee would have been fighting for the lead. He maintained a pretty solid gap through that race. Didn't actually realise that during the race (except when he was really close).

Looks like Mr IroNic had a similar race to my first one at Laguna Seca. Have a really solid run and close a big gap, then throw it all away with a spin (or two). I feel your pain buddy ;)

Poor TheDew :(

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Gotta agree with the Khann, HayForeZee would have beat me easily if not for that early spin. I know IroN1c was on me like stink on... um... something really smelly.

I was amazed I even, kinda, kept up. I was just trying to be consistent but you can see my lack of racecraft when I get behind the slower cars.

On the other hand IroN1c gets around them like a guy with a loaf of bread in a ten items or less line where everyone else has 23 items, "Out of my way! That six-pack may count as one item but them diapers are individually packaged! Rejected!"

P.S. I picked a horrible shortening of my name, it's pronounced "Mike B."

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So I've had a few days to look over the season 1 survey -- thanks to those of you who responded -- and I'm seeing the six series ideas splitting up into roughly three tiers:

  • Tier 1: Formula Duder
  • Tier 2: Driver's School, Super Challenge, and Inaba SuperCup
  • Tier 3: RADICAL RADICAL RADICAL and Legends World Tour

In short, Formula Duder is currently well above any other option with almost no negative response. It will join the Thunder series as part of our league racing after PAX Prime, although maybe not under that name. Still trying to workshop better names in my head. The three tier 2 ideas may make appearances in the future, as well.

With that said, based on your extended applications, I'm seeing three ranges of time as the most ideal for recurring events:

  1. Fridays, 9 PM-1 AM EDT
  2. Saturdays, 7 PM-1 AM EDT
  3. Sundays, 3 PM-9 PM EDT

There are a few other decent options available, but those are the best three. I'm still going to do some more analysis on what would work best at including everyone, so there might be some other times showing up every now and then. Regardless, I'm going to think this over during the long weekend, and see if I can't have some decent seasons set up by next week.

I hope you're all ready to drive. There's no turning back now. Oh, and I promise to pronounce your name right from now on, MikBe. I'm quite good at butchering online handles at first.

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@pseg: Radical series came out last? You people make me very sad.

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I don't even want to watch the recap and experience my failures over again.. I vouch to never drive the SPEC Ford Racer ever again. EVAR.

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@thedew: Out of curiosity, why didn't you like it?

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Thanks for all the compliments, PsEG! Any road race where I only spin out once is a great one for me. I did like driving the Solstice and I didn't have nearly as much trouble with it as with the Mazda in the previous race (probably because this was an easier track to drive and the Mazda race was only like my second serious road race). Also, I was only a few seconds off the pace from the Skippys, so I didn't feel like they were running away from me too much. Kind of bummed you didn't get an in-car view of my post race shenanigans, though!

After this race, I finally decided to stop being lazy and get my D road license (more MX-5 at Laguna Seca, yay!) and I think I just might buy the Skippy since we're running a league with it.

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Honestly the main problem was probably that I didn't get enough practice with it before the race. I tested it for about an hour the night before and then before the race that day. I just couldn't figure out quite how I was supposed to be taking corners. It felt kind of like a more touchy MX-5

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@pseg: For anyone in Aus the 1st and 2nd option time wise work out the best, when we did the first test race it was 11am on a sunday. So a friday race would be saturday around lunch as well.

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Yeah I'm in NZ and the Lime Rock race was a 5am start, which was a bit rough. I'll put my vote in for 1 and 2.

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Regarding the times, #1 is impossible for me (3-7 AM), #2 is not great but doable and #3 is by far the best. Stupid European(s), right? (Am I really the only one?)

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@pseg: 1's out for me for the next 4 weeks, as I have an archery class at that time. 2 & 3 are great, though.

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Friday Night Thunder is on. It'll have a Friday night (for America) schedule, shifting slightly back and forth in its time slots. Expect lots of Calvinball-esque changes, as we eventually roll it to the end of this year.

Formula Duder will start next week. I'd like to give it a little more planning. It will have a mostly Saturday night schedule, with the occasional Sunday afternoon race.

Should these series flourish in popularity, you may see more races appear. We shall see.

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I foresee lots of rapid turning of the steering wheel while trying to face the right way again.

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WTB Late Models on the approved car list :D, imagine the pure CARNAGE! .... wait ... CAR NAGE hah!!!!

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Everyone! Tonight is where the season begins!

If you want to take part, make sure you're up to date and all, but more importantly, make sure you have Irwindale Speedway purchased. I don't like forcing people to buy too much content, but for a figure-eight circuit, it seems worthwhile.

Friday Night Thunder will have several twists and turns in its season, all chosen on a whim at random once this first race sets the bar. I hope you're looking forward to it.

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@pseg Hey!

I just got started into iRacing a few weeks ago, and I want to join the league. Started with a ps3 controller (not recommended), but my Fanatec GT3 V2 is arriving soon (so excite!).

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Well, that was about as crazy as expected. Can't imagine what it would be like with double the grid size. So many close calls in that crossover.

Damn meatball flag DQ nonsense :(

Is there something you have to tick to get an instant repair? I checked the replay and I had to sit for 30 odd seconds on my first pit stop, even though I'd set it to zero refueling on the grid.

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@khann: Your car move side to side during the pit stop?

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@skullcrushermountain: As in, one side of the car lifted as if it was changing tyres? Yes it did.

So have I just been an idiot and missed the option to not change tyres?

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or get out/back in the car, resets it instantly.

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@khann said:

@skullcrushermountain: As in, one side of the car lifted as if it was changing tyres? Yes it did.

So have I just been an idiot and missed the option to not change tyres?

Uncheck refuelling in the F4 view and all four tyres in the F5 view ;)

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@iron1c said:

@khann said:

@skullcrushermountain: As in, one side of the car lifted as if it was changing tyres? Yes it did.

So have I just been an idiot and missed the option to not change tyres?

Uncheck refuelling in the F4 view and all four tyres in the F5 view ;)

A recent update added pit macros, so you can do this with a single key/button press. For example, you can press a key to clear all fuel/tire work, then another key to just change right-side tires for a quick oval pit stop. Or you can press a button for just a splash of fuel. Some of these are already set by default; however, the #clear command is not, so I added that one to my settings. You can turn any or all of the auto text chat fields into a pit macro, which is good, because I never use them otherwise. (Too focused on driving to press keyboard keys, and all out of wheel buttons, I am.)

Note: the #clear command is subtractive (clears all changes except damage repair) while the others are additive. So, if you want to have a button that clears the fuel and sets a two-tire change, you would type "#clear rf rr$" and this will clear everything except for right-side tires. I personally just keep the commands separate to avoid confusing myself.

And I also just noticed that I duplicated one of the commands on this computer (not the one I normally use for iRacing, but good enough for taking screencaps).

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@slowbird: And soon, you'll have a headset, so we can hear your Barry Whitesque voice!

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Formula Duder is ready. The entire season is up. It feels crazy to post everything in advance, but it's been done. I've done it. No turning back now!

The time slot shifts a little bit around on Saturday nights, and there's three Sunday afternoon races. I also added a Charlotte oval race, which should be a crazy draft battle at best and utterly boring at worst. If it's not too complicated, I also intend to drop the two worst results for anyone who attends all twelve races (or the worst result for someone who attends eleven).

Also to note: Beyond the Skip Barber Formula 2000, which I encourage you to buy if it's feasible for your budget, there are two premium tracks on the schedule: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and Road Atlanta. While Spa's not on the Skip Barber schedule this season, it's a popular track, and I'm using it because Drew gave it a shot will a full-fledged F1 car on Unprofessional Fridays. As for Road Atlanta, it's just a cool track that I think everyone will enjoy, with a decent amount of speed and elevation.

I'll probably keep future video recapping coverage to the best league race of the weekend, so as not to overwhelm myself or scheduling myself out of being able to take on official races.

As if this wasn't enough racing to take us to the end of the year, I'm still mulling over that driver's school idea, as well. I imagine devoting Sunday afternoons or Monday nights to the next Mazda or street stock race could be helpful for the rookies among us to practice. That said, I doubt I'd be able to attend any of those events, so they'd be more of a "set and forget" practice tool than anything.

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@pseg: I noticed some of the practice, qualifying and race times are different, is that for a specific reason?

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@pseg: Spa is a great track. Never tried the Skippy on it, though that seems like a pretty fun combo. Which UPF did Drew do that on? Have you thought about one or two mandatory pit-stop races? Could be crazy.

@slowbird: That's awesome! Will set these up for future races.

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@pseg: I noticed some of the practice, qualifying and race times are different, is that for a specific reason?

Yes. The start times vary to allow people who might be right on the edge of being able to participate to join from time to time, and the practice/qualifying lengths vary slightly based on the length and expected familiarity of the course. I've also varied qualifying between lone and open, leaning more towards open, and while I understand standing starts are preferred, I've included a few races with rolling starts, too.

The Charlotte race has full-course cautions, too, to simulate the full NASCAR effect to inappropriate lengths. That's why it has an unusually long time limit. Beyond that, I'm just trying to make sure we use as much of the two hours as needed.

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@khann said:

@pseg: Spa is a great track. Never tried the Skippy on it, though that seems like a pretty fun combo. Which UPF did Drew do that on? Have you thought about one or two mandatory pit-stop races? Could be crazy.

Drew tried the Williams F1 car at Spa on the 8/23 UPF. It's worth noting that he told me he wasn't trying all that hard to run a perfectly clean lap during this session.

As for mandatory pit stops, I've used them in Forza to great effect, and I imagine they could be even better in iRacing. I'll definitely give them some consideration, either for this series or a future series, as it's a great way to cause a variance in results and strategy without discounting or negating any driving skill.

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Woo yeah crazy oval races! Also woo yeah mandatory pit stops! Also woo yeah drop weeks! (I could use about 3 or 4 drop weeks though. My schedule is weird sometimes on Saturdays.)

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I am interested.

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Well I just bought a G27 and signed up for iracing, so I figure it'd be fun to race with a few fellow duders. Count me in for a try.

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Holy crap. Just got my Rift. Took a 4/5 lap around Montreal before I'd finally had it for the night. Hopefully I can stop getting motion sick by Saturday because driving in that thing is amazing.

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@skullcrushermountain said:

Holy crap. Just got my Rift. Took a 4/5 lap around Montreal before I'd finally had it for the night. Hopefully I can stop getting motion sick by Saturday because driving in that thing is amazing.


e: Tried to set up the Gen6 for the figure-8 race

Managed to put together a completely demented setup for the Caddy, so may end up going with that.

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hey guys, very interested in joining, so i applied to all the forms. hope to see you guys on track this weekend! :)

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