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146964 NPR122 Game Overview 11/22/14 10:27AM 5 Denied
146963 NPR122 Game Overview 11/22/14 10:27AM 5 Denied
124930 slowbird Game Overview 07/29/14 12:08PM 1 Approved
124013 slowbird Game Overview more racing sims added to similar games list 07/24/14 02:00PM 14 Approved
124010 slowbird Game Overview 07/24/14 01:55PM 4 Approved
124009 slowbird Game Overview beefing up the "similar games" tab 07/24/14 01:51PM 14 Approved
123962 Alibambam Game Overview Added a link to the location page of 'Spa-Francorchamps' 07/24/14 11:17AM 1 Approved
123426 slowbird Game Overview Updated car/track lists: moved Camaro, Donington Park and Pheonix (Update) from "in development" to "finished"; added Gateway to "in development" 07/22/14 01:06PM 10 Approved
122621 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Since DW-12 has been released, I moved it from the "in development" section to the "Cars" section 07/19/14 10:25PM 1 Approved
120861 slowbird Game Guide Fixed a typo 07/10/14 01:36PM 1 Approved
120606 slowbird Game Overview minor updates to cars and tracks 07/09/14 10:52AM 2 Approved
120598 slowbird Game Overview added NASCAR Toyota Camry; added NASCAR Camaro (in development); rearranged NASCAR cars slightly in the list 07/09/14 09:19AM 9 Approved
116585 slowbird Game Overview paint stuff 06/22/14 07:08AM 64 Approved
116112 slowbird Game Overview more info about Safety Rating 06/20/14 06:54AM 76 Approved
115896 slowbird Game Overview added links for tracks that have pages, N through Z 06/19/14 10:15AM 1 Approved
115895 slowbird Game Overview added links to track pages that exist, A through M 06/19/14 10:00AM 1 Approved
115894 slowbird Game Overview minor fixes of track names 06/19/14 09:51AM 1 Approved
115893 slowbird Game Overview Moved Circuit of the Americas (COTA) and Lucas Oil Raceway from "Tracks Under Construction" to "Tracks" and removed duplicate Auto Club Speedway from "Tracks Under Construction" 06/19/14 09:47AM 1 Approved
115892 slowbird Game Overview moved BMW Z4 GT3 from "Cars in Development" to "Cars" 06/19/14 09:43AM 1 Approved
115891 slowbird Game Overview added similar games, objects and concepts 06/19/14 09:42AM 11 Approved
89007 SkullcrusherMountain Game Overview 02/17/14 01:31PM 18 Approved
72994 Crommi Game Overview Fixed typos, adjusted wording and updated the list with new info. Also added the information about pricing model and online-only nature of the sim. At some point, the tracklist may need to be condensed to just give couple examples as it's getting ridiculously long. 12/04/13 03:37AM 29 Approved
72154 Domey Game Overview Bathurst is no longer "under developement", it has been released. 11/29/13 04:12PM 1 Approved
61746 datarez Game Guide Formatting changes to make the table of contest work properly. 10/09/13 11:20AM 3 Approved
61745 datarez Game Guide Created the entire guide today. 10/09/13 11:07AM 1448 Approved
59516 erinfizz Game Overview 09/27/13 05:34AM 6 Approved
52057 BeachThunder Game Overview 08/23/13 04:18PM 7 Approved
47313 Costello Game Overview 08/03/13 02:25PM 2 Approved
45370 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Fixed error 07/27/13 07:39PM 3 Approved
45349 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Info added to page regarding ranks 07/27/13 05:51PM 80 Approved
45343 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Added missing elements, few changes to lists. 07/27/13 05:28PM 1 Approved
45309 Deathawk Game Overview 07/27/13 12:42PM 4 Approved
44868 AMyggen Game Overview 07/25/13 11:36AM 5 Approved
33959 Elod Game Overview Updated the very old released/under construction content 06/04/13 10:47AM 4 Approved
5239 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Added modes 02/18/13 02:07PM 70 Approved
5234 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Added missing cars 02/18/13 01:54PM 8 Approved
4130 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Added missing cars 02/16/13 10:51PM 1 Approved
4129 ShadowKnight508 Game Overview Added missing track and cars 02/16/13 10:49PM 19 Approved

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