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Character History

Warning! Possible Spoilers!

Irina lived with her older brother on a private Island owned by their successful parents, whom are well respected scientist. During a daily outing, she is kidnapped right in front of Rush's eyes. The reason for this, is because she has Marion's Blessing. A tool locked within her DNA which allows her to control Remnants. Remnants are powerful weapons of destruction. Each major Empire has one. Like nuclear weapons in real life, Remnants are used to keep the peace between Empires. However, war breaks out when a plot for control of the Remnants occurs, putting Irina and her brother Rush right in the middle of it.

Irina is a strong willed character who looks up to her brother Rush. However, she gets annoyed sometimes by his over protectiveness. Though she starts out as a damsel in distress, Irina later becomes an important part of the struggle to stop The Conqueror, a powerful man set on controlling all the Remnants.

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