Anyone else having problems with the Regiment Challenges?

#1 Posted by Getz (3582 posts) -

When I first started playing, everything was fine. As soon as my regiment filled up with 10 people however, the challenges stopped updating. Not even after doing missions with some of the people in my regiment would it update, so I know it's not because those people aren't playing at all. Anyone else have this bug?

#2 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

Apparently we're still getting the updates, just not the screen with the pretty bars.

#3 Posted by Scotto (1290 posts) -

Yes, I've got the same problem. Just came here to see if anyone else was having the issue, haha.

#4 Posted by fleshribbon (91 posts) -

This problem just started happening with my game today coincidentally right after I satisfied all of my Personal Challenges but I wanted my Ripped Shirt :-(

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