Camo Shotgun Turret Not in Final DLC?

#1 Posted by Fink (100 posts) -

Hey all, I've been playing the IB DLC with some buddies, and I was wondering if anyone has gotten the camo shotgun turret yet?

I saw it in the quick look, and from what I can tell you should be for getting from wave 30 (according to it's ribbon) on settlement. Or atlest I think it's on settlement because later when they showed the survival maps they didn't have wave 30 on swamp.

We got to wave 35, and still didn't get it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has seen this turret, or did it not make it into the final release? Still having a bunch of fun, just wondering if anything got cut.

#2 Posted by BraveOne (1 posts) -

Yes, the camo shotgun turrent is in the DLC. I believe it is awarded after level 30 in the Swamp survival level. I like it a lot. I like to put it in places that the tubes don't walk (mines do more damage) where a regular turrent would get destroyed by Burst Transmitters.

#3 Posted by golguin (3868 posts) -

Camo shotgun turret is in lv 30 of the swamp and it seems to work best on that level. I line both sides of the bridge from start all the way to the tube spawn. The middle is clear for mines and ICP.

#4 Posted by Fink (100 posts) -

Ah, ok, thanks guys. I got the lt. Archie turret on settlement and was confused.

(BTW the lt. archie turret rocks, but unfortunatly is too slow for volt droppers)

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