Connecting to other players

#1 Posted by adummy (32 posts) -

Has anyone had any issues connection to other players? Every time I try to join a game, or if I create one, I always get dropped a few seconds into the game and it tells me I have a game authentication error.

#2 Posted by project343 (2895 posts) -

Could it be a port forwarding or DNS issue?

#3 Posted by Chris2KLee (2400 posts) -

That's weird, are you running any kind of security on your router that might be restricting your connection? I haven't had trouble getting into games, but there is definitely some lag, which I'm pretty sure is connection based. The first game I played online was literally a slide show, but then I played again and the new group of players were fine, played for like 3 hours after that.

#4 Posted by adummy (32 posts) -

Yeah, I'm not too sure what is causing it. Joined a game with Kessler and it all of a sudden worked.

#5 Posted by tuesdaythe5th (57 posts) -

I too have been having these problems. I also get randomly disconnected from Live during single player games.

#6 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

I was having trouble connecting because of my NAT settings on my wireless router.  It's fixed now, but it was very frustrating for a while there.

#7 Posted by Chris2KLee (2400 posts) -

It seems to vary from group to group. I've been in games with 4 people and had only a handful of hitches, then I've been in games where the game stutters nonstop and the game is constantly waiting for players. It's a great game, but a patch for connection issues is definitely in order. Wonder how it will go on TNT tonight.

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