Double Fine Devs Talk About How They Spent Days Getting Trenched

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#51 Posted by Eyz (449 posts) -

Wow! Missed the announcement of this one :P

#52 Posted by Murdouken (709 posts) -
@Absolute_Zero: I thought this too. I've been playing Sanctum more or less since it came out, and it looks VERY similar to this. This is third person but other than that it's more or less identical. Also, the aliens look almost identical.
#53 Posted by MaxOpower (236 posts) -

wow love the video, love that they just sat down with a beer, instead of green screens and over dramatic music, like the ASSC and Brink  developer direrys. 

#54 Edited by redbliss (648 posts) -

I love how Double Fine took the Pixar approach to making movies and applied it to creating games. All the projects to date have been fun, different, and interesting, and I cant wait to give this a try.
#55 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6319 posts) -

God damn, I want this now.

#56 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (608 posts) -

I hope this comes out soon. Oh! I'm in this video during the PAX footage, nice.

#57 Posted by VirtuaXav (451 posts) -
@AncientMecha said:
Who caught Ryan and Brad in this video?
I saw Navarro too, I am the most win.
#58 Posted by HHAP (214 posts) -

nice product placement

#59 Posted by Cirdain (3200 posts) -

Best, video, mic, ever.

#60 Posted by hfm (79 posts) -

budweiser? Man,  have some pride.  (Ok I'm a snob..)

#61 Posted by jillsandwich (760 posts) -

Is that dude playing the game with an Xbox controller upside down? Is that cool or just fucked in the same way as inverting your controls? 
The sort of stories where Tim Schaefer(Is that how you spell his name?) just sort of says "Fuck it" and lets dudes pitch games really make me excited for working in the game industry.  
Also, this game looks fucking great, and when it come out will probably be a perfect time to buy it and Costume Quest and Stacking since I've been putting off playing those games for so long.

#62 Posted by Kordesh (237 posts) -

Looking good. The mechs remind me a bit of Chromehounds in their style/makeup. Can't wait to try it out.

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