Double Fine's Next Game Is Trenched

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#51 Posted by MrT (162 posts) -

Lame, double fine makes a game that id actually play and its 360 only.

#52 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Needs more Muppets.

#53 Posted by a_dead_letter (4 posts) -

This looks great!

#54 Posted by patrick (563 posts) -

Thanks DF, could always use more mechs

#55 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (513 posts) -

Just might have to pick this up, Mechs and aliens = a good time.

#56 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Cool. Too bad it'll probably be just a few hours in length like the last few DF products. May still be worth it though.

#57 Posted by ColinWright (741 posts) -
@McShank said:
" What a stupid thing for them to do. GJ Double Fine. Lost money by making it go to Microsoft. Now I wont buy any of your games. "
Dude, it's a business. Microsoft put the money on the table, it'd be stupid to decline.
#58 Posted by temmink (50 posts) -

Why would they go console exclusive with this? Seems like a bad choice to me... I am disappoint.

#59 Posted by artofwar420 (6316 posts) -

Hope this comes to the PC at least.

#60 Posted by iyaoyas615 (81 posts) -

Looks like alot  of fun been awhile since I played a Mech game.

#61 Posted by DBagalot (158 posts) -

i love you double fine. this looks fun.

#62 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

Looks awesome.

#63 Posted by CheckPointD (43 posts) -

It's impressive how many games they can crank out.  

#64 Posted by zymase (158 posts) -


#65 Posted by Santa_8aby (97 posts) -

It's different, I'll give it that.  Undecided if it looks Double Fine-ish.

#66 Posted by TWrite (25 posts) -

Looks much less quirky than their past two games, but much more mass marketable.

#67 Posted by Hylan333 (11 posts) -

Looks flippin sweet

#68 Posted by ThePurpleWall (44 posts) -

This is certainly a leap from the usual Double Fine stuff. Should be pretty exciting.

#69 Posted by DonPixel (2663 posts) -

looks mheee to me, dunno why people over rate double fine so much.. I mean the guy did a couple of great games back in the 90s and thats it.. I cant force myself to finish their boring (with cool art style games)

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