European 'Trench' Trademark Owner Responds to Trenched Name Change

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We must stop being hypocrites ! Any one of us who work hard to create a product and a brand has never let go of the brand just because an incompetent and arrogant company needs the same brand! Or because their clients desperately want the product ...
#102 Posted by Bevinsky (189 posts) -

Being able to trademark a word and all variations of it is pretty much bullshit. Just goes to show how trademarks and patents hinder progress.

#103 Posted by Frumpa (102 posts) -

Should be "Iron Squad" - Seems to me a brigade is more than 4 units. Or maybe "Tin Troop". I like that one ;)

#104 Posted by Gamer_152 (14284 posts) -

A lot of the comments here are coming off as very misinformed. Nobody likes their games being delayed but let's try and think about this rationally people. I think it's a little ridiculous that someone can hold the trademark for something as simple and widely used as the word 'Trench' and all it's variations but apparently Mr. Monteiro was awarded it, so that's the situation they're in, like it or not. I think one thing that a lot of people here don't realise is that if Mr. Monteiro didn't take action against this infringement on his trademark, legally he could have lost it.
The fact that Monteiro brought up the trademark issue does not implicitly mean that he was trying to attack or exploit anyone, he may very well have been just protecting his property. We can't make a lot of firm decisions about exactly what went right or wrong with which parties as there seems to be somewhat of a lack of information on the subject, but the way I see it, Microsoft and Double Fine are at fault for not checking if someone else owned the 'Trenched' name in Europe to begin with. As it is people here seem to be imagining motives Monteiro could have had which there are no evidence for and then judging him based on these imaginary motives. This is ridiculous.

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what? no drenched?

#106 Posted by MeatSim (10996 posts) -

It's still a cool game regardless of what you call it.

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