How do YOU like to play?

#1 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

As has probably been said a bajillion times in the prevailing weeks to the game's release, Trenched is a game that lets you spec your mech (unintentional rhyming) the way you want and to play the way you wish. 
So for those who have picked up the game and fiddled with it for a while, what kind of mech are you rolling with?  Huge guns?  Tons of emplacements?  A mix of both?  Tripod legs?  Quadriped? etc. etc. 
How do YOU like to play Trenched?

#2 Posted by Valames (758 posts) -

I'm currently playing "Active Download."

#3 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -
Damn, son.  That's one crazy load-out...
#4 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

I'm focusing on Emplacements - if the Core doesn't have a good load out for them I won't use it. 
Currently using a build that's only got Two weapon slots on the Right side: using a Shred gun for more scrap and the Rosie for explosive properties against the Breakers.
For Emplacements I've got: Standard Machine Gun (aerial and ground units), one of the slow emitters (second tier), some mortars and then a repair crane (which so far hasn't been useful but I'm sure it will be). 
I like to play it close to a straight up tower defense, but I'm happy I can help my towers out if things get sticky.

#5 Posted by wealllikepie (818 posts) -

i prefer a relatively balanced loadout where i have at least 3 machine guns and at least 2 turrets for my first runs of missions, after which i adjust with more specific settings if i fail

#6 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

I'm definitely leaning more towards a support/emplacements set-up. 
I use the Honeychurch chassis so I can either take two guns, or one big one into battle, and then focus on setting up a good perimeter of emplacements.  This set up seems to work a lot better with more people, where I can focus on mop-up duty, but I've been able to run through most single-player missions with it just fine.  Also; tripod legs for deployment is the way I go.

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I like playing with a couple different loadouts. When I am playing solo I like to go engineering with either the 2 heavy slots or the heavy and support slot, depending on the mission. Sometimes, though, I find it fun to just go with the huge chassis and load it up with the hedge trimmer and the scythe (not sure if those are the names of the weapons). What I like most about this loadout is that I can pretty much fire my guns forever because they have different sized clips. Online though I usually just go with the huge chassis. Because the engineering relies so much on getting scrap, and the scrap online is shared, I just didnt think it was much fun running around upgrading other peoples turrets and not be able to lay too many of my own. 
Also, I have a question for people who have been playing the game recently. Has your regiment been updating? Mine has not, but I am not sure if it is a problem with the regiment in the game or if the people in my regiment just havent been playing. They have all leveled up to level 10 though, so I dont know why I am not getting regiment updates.

#8 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

I focus on weapons instead of towers.

#9 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -

I go weapons usually  
A prince(AA Gun) and 3 machine guns 
with the fortify/quick reload legs 
and then machine gun and repair encampments 

#10 Posted by MyNameIsJoe (187 posts) -

I actually prefer engineering types.

#11 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I play a balanced loadout offline but online I like to use a large core with Quickload legs, because I usually get grouped with people who focus on Emplacements and it allows me to back them up.

#12 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

I'm grinding out weapon kills right now, but usually I prefer the Selker support with a MG of some kind (Shredder, but I'm thinking of trying Razor of the Gods) and a slug shotty of some kind.  Selker gets 2x Heavy and 2x Light weapon slots which is preferable if you can convince the heavier guys to take care of the support emplacements.  There's only so many of those you need, but you'll usually only have 1-2 people who can drop heavy emplacements.
Selker  (w/ HOT PANTS!, but I'm considering going quad since I almost never use the boost)
Weapons: MG/Shotgun
Emplacements: Flak, MG, Sniper, Mine

#13 Posted by capthavic (164 posts) -

I prefer a long range artillery for toughies and a powerful MG for close range with flak and shotgun turrets on cleanup. I've found the quickload legs to be very useful since some of the cannons take ages to reload.

#14 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I run 3 machine guns and 1 artillery piece for co-op.  Guns don't use scarp and negotiating with other players as to who gets to buy emplacements is hard when your headset is broken. 
#15 Posted by KimChi4U (394 posts) -

I like engineering trenches but there are a few missions where these aren't really that useful. The final level in Europe and the last level in Africa for example. Treches with big wea

#16 Posted by KimChi4U (394 posts) -

Grr... As i was trying to say, Trenches with big weapons are better for certain levels.

#17 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1281 posts) -

It depends on the level. Most of the time I will play with a engineering chassis or assault chassis. But yeah, the boss levels require assault chassis to go for gold medals.

#18 Posted by ThePickle (4267 posts) -

Shotguns. All shotguns. 3 shotguns on each side. 6 shotguns. Non stop shotguns. Never not shotgunning. Always be shotgunning.

#19 Posted by Gutterkisser (234 posts) -

 FPS controls have my brain hardwired to hold the left trigger, and tap the right- so machine guns on my left trigger, shotguns/sniper cannons on my right. 
Also, being able to fire a sniper and a shotgun with one trigger is genius - ranged and CQC in one deadly tap of the finger.
#20 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5283 posts) -

I'm enjoying playing support. It's a little slow at first, but once the match gets going, puking turrets all over the place is oh so much fun.

#21 Posted by Rafaelfc (1783 posts) -

on my underwear.. oh wait... I mean, I switch up my style depending on the other trenches around me, I've mostly played as a support trench though...

#22 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2762 posts) -

I've been doing the six-slot chassis (mk III) with cannon and triple AA guns. I'm level 9 or something so I don't have all the best stuff yet.

Everyone seems to run that setup though that I see online so I might switch soon.

#23 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

Huge Trench with Broadcaster and Artillery cannon!

#24 Edited by louiedog (2381 posts) -

I like a big canon on the right and three machine guns (flak and shredders, more of one depending on the enemies I'll be facing) on my left with hot legs to get me around the battlefield. I switch up my emplacements depending on the map.
I played with a guy today who used two broadcasters, called in a few emplacements, and stood at the mouth of the busiest spawn point. It worked out well for him with 4 players, but I imagine that strategy isn't the best on all maps or with fewer players.

#25 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

I've discovered the Woodruff with 4x Scythe, Flak/Shotgun/ICP emplacements and Hot Pants is an excellent all-purpose build.  I was able to Gold Volcano running solo using that build.

#26 Posted by HistoryInRust (6599 posts) -

I don't know how you guys stand rolling with one or two machine guns. I have to have the most and biggest guns in the park, when I roll in. Just need to be there in the fray.

For me, the repair crane is vital. Almost a necessity. If you use a pair of defensive legs, you can defend yourself a bit better, but I like to sprint between spawn points, streaming Matrix Revolutions-levels of bullets at enemies coming out. Just feels godly.

That said, I'd be dead meat in co-op without the Engineering types throwing out turrets.

#27 Posted by reversesquiggly (5 posts) -

My favorite loadout is the Woodruff with a sniper cannon (can't remember which one, it has ricochet) and two flak machine guns (Razor of the Gods). Online, though, I find myself forced to use an assault chassis and artillery cannons. I've tried to go engineering while playing online, but have found that I'm useless since everyone else uses assault chassis with huge artillery cannons and broadcasters.

#28 Posted by MEATBALL (3956 posts) -

In co-op I've been enjoying playing an assault Trench (been using the Karlsson) with quickload legs and a variety of machine guns on one arm and whatever big weapons a mission might call for on the other - normally either a big sniper rifle, assault cannon or broadcaster (love that deathsplosion).

#29 Posted by Tesla (2005 posts) -

I use an engineering chassis just because no one else does. I forget which specific chassis, but I rock a magnet grenade launcher, razor of the gods, and a massive sniper turret.

You assault clowns can keep your six weapon slots while I set up nasty kill zones with my sniper/dampening combos. What are Volt Droppers again? It's been a while since they've survived longer than a couple of seconds when I'm playing.

#30 Posted by dotdot20 (3 posts) -

Red-dot sniper.

I use The Gungnir & a standard laser

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