pc controls borked

#1 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

last night it was working with mouse and keyboard only , and after a few stages i suddenly had to unplug my joystick because the throttle was interfering .. it otherwise was playable and i had some fun (despite feeling ripped off on the overall pc port , i was actually enjoying the core gameplay )

today it ONLY works with xbox 360 controller for windows, AND THEN ONLY IN MENUS .. i can walk around with the menu open , but then upon closing the menu nothing responds anymore .. i havent actually seen such a broken port since from dust.

anyone got this issue or know how to fix it ? you'd think an xbox live game would know how to work with an xbox controller properly ..

frankly id prefer mouse and keyboard control again.

i havent tried disabling every single control device either , because normal pc games actually detect/ignore them correctly

#2 Posted by yyZiggurat (1047 posts) -

I played with a 360 controller from day one and never had any problems.

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