The mechs look alot like the ones in Ring of Red.

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Man I loved ring of red. Not that it was an amazing game or anything but I just enjoyed the crap out of it for some reason.  
Kinda lame that is 360 only though. Oh well good thing I have a 360. And now an excuse to plug it in again.  
Anyone played or ever heard of RIng of Red?

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Ring of what ?

#3 Posted by triple07 (1238 posts) -

No but it actually looks pretty interesting. I wonder if I could find it at my local used game shop for cheap. 

#4 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -

I've heard of it because it was mentioned as possibly being the inspiration behind Valkyria Chronicles gameplay style.  Been wanting to try it for a long time.

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This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the trenches, nice blocky mechanical design. Wish I had a PS2 when ROR originally came out, nowadays it looks really dated but the look and universe were really appealing.

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