Trenched is kind of too easy

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I don't have many bad things to say about Trenched, but playing through, I feel like it's almost too easy, and I'm only playing solo. Perhaps it's just an innate sense of how to play tower defense, but it just doesn't feel that difficult, less so with more people. Much more enjoyable with a couple other people, but even easier.

I'm curious to see how DF handles post-release Trenched. I'm curious to see if they'll raise the level cap, what kind of loot they'll add and what kind of levels will come with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of survival mode. The biggest problem is that I never really feel like I am in any danger.

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I shared this sentiment as I played through the game, eagerly anticipating that one level that forces me to replay it over and over. Volcano is clearly intended to provide the most challenge/replayability, but as with all of the levels once you've caught on to the wave pattern it's only a matter of proper execution. I have a feeling this was a tricky subject to tackle for the Double Fine folks and they opted to ship a game that could be beaten with minimum frustration.

The good thing is, despite all of these criticisms, I still find the game enjoyable (and relaxing), largely due to the polished gameplay and deep customization. I feel like the game achieves the most when there's an overwhelming amount of enemies and you're frantically moving from one spot to the next. All it really needs is an infinite "horde" mode that will put your high-level items to good use and give players a new leaderboard to compete over.

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Volcano really gave me a hard time, but other than that, yeah.

Not sure it's supposed to be about difficulty. Not that that makes your claim any less valid, but Trenched is geared for for dudes who just want to hang out and shoot shit. Sometimes with their own guns. And sometimes with turrets.

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I agree. If I'm going to collect all this loot I want something to use it on.

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My favourite tower defense game ever is Pixeljunk Monsters and part of why is that it is pretty damn hard in the later levels, you really have to play it several times to figure out how to get through. Playing it coop just gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
I don't like easy coop-games.

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@Matt said:

I agree. If I'm going to collect all this loot I want something to use it on.

Like what He said.
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@Matt said:

I agree. If I'm going to collect all this loot I want something to use it on.

I've got almost all of the loot and I have 200/200 achievement points. I still keep playing and switching up my gear all the time. Different levels require different strategies and even different gear on the same level produces different results. The lack of difficulty hasn't held me back at all from using all of the loot.

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