Trying to redo the title screen to say Trenched.

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Hey all, so I heard on the bombcast that some people were talking about redoing the title screen to say Trenched, but I still can't find it anywhere so I figured I would do it myself.

The only thing is I have been looking in the files and cannot seem to find the file. I don't often go digging in game files, but I figured this would be fun.

I assume it's using an extension not of the norm, but I don't see it. Is there anyone a little more savvy who could get me the hi res image so I know where to repackage the file when I'm done?


Edit: just got a rough draft done. Don't know where to put it yet as I still haven't found the file location, but here's what I was able to do on the first try.

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Its probably a png, but i dont have the game on PC so i dont know how the file system is set up.

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@Dagbiker: I'm not seeing any obvious image files. Bumin me out D:

We have some smart dudes, I assume someone will know how to get it.

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It might be a Zip, or Rar like structure with all the texture and image files compressed into one file. If thats the case then it will be harder to figure out.

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Anything about it on the Steam forums?

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There is a Trenched_DF_Logo.bik file on the Binks folder, maybe the images are packed as bink video files? No idea.

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@Rattle618: I checked that it's the into video. All .bik files are videos, they are Bink files

@ajamafalous said:

Anything about it on the Steam forums?

No, just people complaining :/

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Added my rough draft to the original post!

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