Vlad Fight in 200 Seconds?

#1 Posted by ThePickle (4289 posts) -

The Vlad mission is the only one I need gold on. The closest I have come to 200 seconds is 211. Every attempt has been with 4 players. I use the Fighting wolverine sniper and the scythe machine guns.

Has anyone here done this? Tips?

#2 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

Tripod legs (with Fortify and Quickload, preferably), Karlsson Chassis and 2x Gugnir (3-slot sniper rifle that drops on Africa levels).  Park it and nail each weak point as soon as it becomes available.  With Fortify legs, you can pretty safely ignore enemies and his attacks.  If you can get up and move before the lightning hits your spot, then do it, but if you can't guarantee you'll be out of the way in time, don't stand up.  Fortify lets you tank it very well.  Repair emplacement is handy just to help out a bit, and I drop MG turrets around, too, as the opportunity arises.  
This is actually easiest to Gold when you're by yourself, but as long as everyone takes this loadout it's a fairly simple one to do.

#3 Posted by ThePickle (4289 posts) -

@tangmcgame: It worked well, but my main issue is another minute is added just before the final stage after the cutscene. Seems completely unfair to me.

#4 Posted by EightBitShik (1467 posts) -

@HandsomeDevil: 140 on my first try, I don't know what to tell you we all just shot the red shit and won.

#5 Edited by louiedog (2384 posts) -

I played this twice tonight. The first time was with three other players. It took 8 minutes. My team spent the entire time shooting everything that wasn't red on the boss and getting downed by tubes. I spent the entire time reviving teammates, mopping up tubes, and shooting at red when I got a chance. I had a ton of revives that round. I don't get some people. Have they never played a game before? They weren't shooting any red on the boss, but they dumped plenty of ammo onto the rest of the boss without results. I wish I'd had a headset handy.
I then went in and played myself and was 20 seconds over time. After reading the tips above I'll have to go back in and try again alone, or hope for a better team. 
So far I've had a lot of fun going back to earlier maps now that I'm level 10. Dual Mr. Pancakes are a lot of fun, and with them I beat the first boss in under 30 secs.

#6 Posted by cid798 (301 posts) -

It was really simple using the 300 damage sniper cannon and the purple late level one, some name with wolf in it. Other than that it doesn't really matter - all the parts of the boss that need to be damaged go down right away using those. For turrets I just brought the sniper emplacement to take care of any spawning tubes and used Explosive Sprinting legs to run through the spawn of Knobs.

#7 Posted by tangmcgame (83 posts) -

Another reminder is that every time there is a cutscene you'll have to redeploy your tripod legs to get the bonuses.  You come out to a standing position during the cutscene.

#8 Posted by xxizzypop (645 posts) -

I did it with two people. We both took Karlssons, Tripod legs, Massive MG turrets, Dual Fighting Wolverines and dual Scythes. It was pretty damn close. The biggest issue is just waiting for the boss to reveal his weakspot. Frustrating.

#9 Posted by Jurney (11 posts) -

Try shooting him in the eyes when he leans back before turning to the side for the big laser attack...

#10 Posted by Butler (408 posts) -

Also shoot one shot first and then deploy. I was playing with a guy ranked 53 on the leaderboards and he said that helped as well. Best of luck.

#11 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

Yeah I can second (third? fourth?) all of this advice, I did it solo in 165 seconds or something around there with the dual Gungnirs and the loadout described. Just lock yourself down near where you start and shoot only at orange things. Ignore everything else.

#12 Posted by Klaimore (996 posts) -

I did that mission by myself with the exact same loadout as you and it worked fine. Just keep trying.

#13 Posted by Phoenix654 (306 posts) -

Thanks for all that info, I cleared it in 199 seconds, such a close call... but now I cannot get the level before it, Volcano, golded. There are just too many tubes to beat, even with groups (and yes, I know it scales). Any advice?

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