What would you have renamed this game?

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First thing that came out of the acronym generator I used.

#53 Posted by Hector (3375 posts) -

Trench Assault

#54 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1497 posts) -

Full Metal Stack It.

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#57 Posted by selbie (1962 posts) -

Mobile Trench Suit Love

#58 Posted by TruthTellah (9428 posts) -

Half Life 3.

#59 Posted by OldGuy (1574 posts) -

No, it doesn't make any sense. Tough. I just want to name a game "Fred," ALRIGHT?

#60 Posted by impartialgecko (1699 posts) -

A Game about Love

#61 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1066 posts) -

Mobile Overture Trench Armor: Requimen X

#62 Posted by DeF (4958 posts) -

"This Game is Not Called Trenched"

seriously. go all the way with ridiculousness if you have to.

#63 Posted by Humanity (9870 posts) -

Extreme Robot Platform Fighting Game

#64 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Brad Muir's Bogus Journey HD

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The Trenches.

Since the mechs are called "Trenches," that was obviously something they wanted in the name. Seems like there was a conflict with Trenched in multiple places, so renaming it became the only option. Might as well make it something similar. Though I'm sure there's a billion things with a similar name out there. A quick Google search brings up a ton. But unless you're making up some complete gibberish these days, what *isn't* already taken?

But that one's so obvious I'm sure they'd have gone for it if they could.

Or "Salutations: a Tale from the Trenches"

#67 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2477 posts) -

Kuruma Ban Gohan Robo Shooty Shooty Desu

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