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Now with Xbox Live Arcade is starting to become a real playground for developers that want cheap games to earn some extra income on bigger projects. Sometimes it is hit and miss and at times I do say."Well it is only 15 dollars why not." Trenched is not one of those games. 
What makes this game great? It fills a niche. A truly interactive Tower defense. In most tower defense games you are forced you to first set up and hope for the best. Trenched makes you work and rework the battlefield. You are a massive walking turret and makes more turrets!  Instead of hoping that your lines of defense because you are the defense. With a unique combination of guns, chassis, and emplacements can make you the most versatile machine out there or be the strengths for a team while others fill other roles. 
Are there some flaws? A bit while the game is intensively fun there is a level cap of 10 and the higher you are the first 10 or so maps aren't very difficult to do on your own, but with Doublefine productions history of supporting their Arcade games I'm sure this will be nothing but a memory.

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