neo1piv014's Trenched (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Best $15 I've spent on XBL yet

For only $15, this game is a complete steal. The gameplay is good, and the jump in multiplayer is awesome. The game does have some irritating moments, like when you can't actually get a map started because anyone in your group can walk over and switch maps, thus resetting the countdown timer. The menus for upgrading the weapons on your trench can be a little confusing, but once you figure out how they work, it does make sense. This game really shines when you get to the last few waves of each level. Standing alongside three other trenches with all your machine guns, artillery, turrets, and shotguns firing is an experience you don't soon forget. The characters are quirky and somewhat funny, and it provides enough story to get a few laughs out of. I'm not sure how important story really is in a game like this, but hey, it's there. If you've got friends that want to check this game out too, then picking this one up is basically a no-brainer.


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