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A Double Fine game that is actually fun to play

I love Double Fine games. They all have a unique feel, are funny, look great and are very charming, but when it comes to actually playing them... it's usually not very good. Cue Iron Brigade. This game gets it. The gameplay is absolutely amazing. Double Fine basically took a pretty worn out concept, having a tower defense where you can shoot stuff, and made it incredibly fun to play. You can place your turrets almost anywhere, the shooting feels really good, you have a lot of weapon and turret variety and the game allows you to play however you want to. Regardless of if you're a "placing turrets and sipping some beverage" person or a "I WANNA SHOOT STUFF RIGHT NOW ! MORE GUNS !" kind of guy , Iron Brigade got you covered. Add to that the regular Double Fine treatment and you get a game that you definitely should check out. Oh also, DOUBLE SALUUUUUUUUTES !!!

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