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Developed during the first war against the allies,the Iron Curtain was a deadly tool that allowed the soviets to make their vehicles invulnerable for a period of time.
Although it made your vehicles invulnerable , it had the opposite effect on organic targets,killing them instantly. The Iron Curtain was also successfully deployed against the Allies in the second war,but ultimately it made no difference as the Allies used their chronoshphere device to defeat them again. Even now as the Soviets travel back in time to change history , the Iron Curtain stays a prominent weapon of war. 

After World War 2 the Iron Curtain meant that there were 2 sides of Europe: East side and the west side. Both sides of Europe took alliances. The east side of Europe or "COMECON", took sides with the "WARSAW" pact of the Soviets.The west side or "European Community" took sides with NATO (which was US and Canada at the time). On one hand the western side was prospering and doing well,while the east side had to suffer the corupt effects of communism.The main example is Berlin and the Berlin wall.
Iron curtain from Red Alert 1,being observed by an allied spy.
 Iron Curtain from Red Alert 2.
Artist rendering of the Iron curtain from Red Alert 3.
The effects of real iron curtain. Red: Soviet. Blues:US & Canada Grey:Neither.

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