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Considerably undercooked 2

 It’s not morally ethical to mock death, it seems. Even if it sounds ridiculous to hear of someone passing on for licking a lightning rod, there’s still the tragedy that a human lost life, so I don’t know if I’m allowed to call out that person for the buffoon he was. Such is the predicament that comes when a game developer closes down before their game is released. It’s happened with Pandemic and The Saboteur, and now it’s happening with Sega’s San Francisco Studio and Iron Man 2. A lot of proba...

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Ugh 0

 The original Iron Man was probably the worst Marvel comics related game of the last ten or so years, barely edging out Daredevil largely because Daredevil didn't actually come out for home consoles. So, it's been 2 years and Sega has learned their lesson, right?Well, to be gentle, no. I hate using the term "crap" as an adjective, but it is the cleanest and least offensive phrase I can use to describe the quality of this terrible movie tie-in. Now, it's not the like usual movie tie-in whe...

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A Decent Rental 0

I saw the Iron Man 2 movie in theaters the Saturday after it came out. Really liked the movie, although not as much as the first. I never bought the first Iron Man game, because i did not like flight control after playing the demo. I ended up getting this on eBay for $30. While i will admit i spent a little much, it wasn't a bad price for a game that was just released.  The game itself feels unfinished, especially in the graphical department. The cut scenes are original xbox graphics, in game ar...

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IRON MAN 2: The Video Game: The Review... 1

Iron Man 2: The Video Game (Believe it or not, he’s walking on air...)   Iron Man 2 kicks off with that latest football of video games set in high tech near futures, the electromagnetic pulse bomb, and it’s effect on our hero is immediate to see.   Poor Iron Man’s suit is reduced to a mere smudge of it’s former self, looking less like a piece of bleeding edge technology and more like an cheap diecast action figure that had been left out in the yard for a month and repeatedly urinated on by the ...

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