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If your desperate to fly around this is a game for you

When buying this game, I didn't have the highest expectations for it, but unfortunately, this game didn't meet them. This is not the Iron Man experience that I had expected.
Story--The story in this game does relate somewhat with the film, though there wasn't much of a story to work off of. Tony Stark, millionaire weapons designer, gets captured by terrorists somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. These terrorists want Stark to build them a missile, but instead he builds a model of the Iron Man suit and gets out. Eventually, Tony realizes that the terrorists still have his weapons in various places, so he goes out to get them. The story is there, but it's nothing special at all. The voice acting isn't all that great, though the sound during combat is quite nice.
Graphics--Iron Man looks good, though sometimes the color of his suit looks a little blurred. Environments mainly look bland and have weird coloring, along with the tanks, helicopters, soldiers, ships, buildings, trees, mountains, etc. The graphics aren't anything great at all.
Gameplay--The gameplay is what shoots Iron Man down out of the sky. The controls can be difficult to learn, since you have to hold down LB and A to accelerate while in flight while moving the anolog sticks to steer Iron Man. Holding down LT will make Iron Man fly up while in a standing position, and tapping it will make him hover in one place. Iron Man's attacks get repetitive, along with the missions. Your attacks consists of RB, RT and B, along with shooting missiles. These controls do get frustrating, especially when you use the beam when holding down RB. This attack drains your power and uses a lot of time, time that you don't have. Most of the time you can't even use the attack because tanks, trucks, helicopters, soldiers, jets, and so on are all shooting 10 missiles at you. You can grab onto a missile and send it back, but you won't even be able to pull it off as another 5 missiles come at you. Grabbing onto planes and helicopters is difficult, but is a good way to destroy tanks. Missions get frustratingly repetitive. You have a map on your screen, and the targets you have to destroy appear as orange, while other enemies are blue. Missions are destroy 8 important targets, then destroy 5 really important targets, then destroy the boss's major weapon that he'll use on innocent people and finally destroy the boss. Another bad thing is that there are no checkpoints. If you die during the boss fight, you have to start over all the way from the beginning. This will eventually make the game frustrating after a couple of hours. The gameplay could've been a lot better.
Story: 2--it tied in to the film's, but there wasn't really much of a story to begin with.
Graphics: 1.5--Iron Man looks good, but the coloring in this game either looks blurry or discolored.
Gameplay: 2.5/10--The gameplay sucks in this game. The controls are bad, there aren't any checkpoints, levels and combat both become repetitive, and the combat becomes very frustrating as well.
Final Thoughts: It seems like this game was made in one day. Iron Man can be beaten in a casual weekend, though there isn't much fun out of doing it. For 360 owners who like achievements, stay away from this game. The achievements are low and frustrating to get. For Iron Man fans, consider renting this game, but whoever who isn't an Iron Man fan or is interested in getting this game, don't even rent it. It's not worth it, trust me. If a little more effort had been put into this game, I would've liked it a bit more. The repetitive and frustrating mission designs, combat, lack of checkpoints, bad voice acting, blurry graphics and bad controls, prevent Iron Man from flying very high.

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