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The Iron Man pinball machine, based on both films in the franchise, was released to coincide with the theatrical release of the second film.  The key playfield features include:

  • Iron Monger target: This large scale figure rises from the middle of the playfield at various points in the game, blocking the center spinner.  It is possible to raise it to two different heights, and it can register both low and high shots.  Hitting it will trigger a multiball mode.  A large magnet in front of the target will capture the ball, as well as occasionally divert the ball's path when the Iron Monger is lowered. 
  • Whiplash magnet: A whiplash figure sits below the right ramp, and has a magnetic ball capture that triggers at various points in the game. 
  • War Machine: The War Machine figure in the top left of the playfield has a slingshot ram underneath it that rapidly fires the ball back to towards the flippers, similar to the ram target in Stern's Big Buck Hunter. 
  • Left and right ramps: Combo shots on the ramps will earn increasing point values (starting at 200 000), and they are used in the Bogey Attack mode
  • 3 spinner targets: The spinners (left, right, and center) are used to build up to the Iron Monger mode
The playfield, originally believed to be a repurposed Austin Powers design, does share many similarities with other Stern titles.  The ramps and side spinners are the same as Austin Powers, and the Iron Monger target is in the same location as the Dr Evil target.  Austin's central time portal shot has been replaced with a central spinner and ball capture loop however, and the slingshot ram was not present on the earlier table. 

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