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Gameplay is a variation of the then well-established Ikari Warriors design, but added a cohesive world that you could explore and engage enemies in a non-linear fashion. An in-game map would allow you to plot your course to objectives, while marking locations of supply dumps to replenish your ammo, fuel, and repair. Unlike the other Ikari games of the time, resource management and tactics were just as important as twitch skills to survive.

The game's idea is rumored to be the product of players managing to play Ikari Warriors entirely in the tank mode via an exploit, proving that tank play was something players enjoyed.

The game was not well-received in the West as it was very difficult, and its unique design was too slow-paced for those thinking it was another of the Ikari style games. It has a cult fanbase that enjoys the unique design, especially at the time of release.

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