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Hailing from the planet Dorvala, Drogen Lar always dreamed of becoming one of the elite soldiers who make up the Dorvalan Space Marines.  When he finally achieved his goal, he found the the life of a Space Marine was far less exciting than he had imagined it to be, and despite promises of glory in battle, Drogen spent more time cleaning up laboratories than destroying enemies in combat. 
One day, while performing his janitorial duties, a metal-crafting machine exploded, covering him in a sheet of molten metal.   Miraculously, he was unharmed, as the metallic compound bonded with his skin to form a super-tough outer layer rendering him largely impervious to harm.  When it later became clear that this was no accident, and that the higher ranking officers had conspired to perform the 'experiment' on Drogen without his knowledge, he became enraged and fled -- escaping despite the combined forces of the Dorvalan military. 
Drogen ended up on the planet Malva, home to the Interstellar Gladiator Arena, where fighters from across the universe are pitted against one another.  Owing to his extreme strength and durability, Drogen became the champion of the arena, dominating all of his opponents. Despite this, he still felt as though his calling lay elsewhere -- that entertainment was not the reason he was given these such great power.   Escaping again, Drogen set out into the darkness of space in search of meaning. 
After a great distance, the Malvan spacecraft, with Drogen in it, crash-landed on a small planet in a far-away galaxy, known to some of the natives as Earth.  In Millennium City, he found the purpose he had been looking for: to use his strength and powers to protect the innocent and weak from harm.  Taking the name Ironclad, he joined with other superhero's in forming the supergroup the Champions, vowing with his life to defend his adopted homeland.

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