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The title screen

Ironsword was developed by Zippo Games which was a development studio under Rare. Acclaim Entertainment acquired the publishing rights, and wanted sequals despite sales of the game never being strong. Ironsword is seen as the most difficult and frustrating game in the series as a result of technical issues.


The world map of Ironsword

Kuros, the protagonist of the first game, returns to battle his arch enemy the evil wizard Malkil. Malkil has taken control of the four elemental powers (wind, water, fire and earth) that bind the land. In order to defeat Malkil, Kuros must restore the only weapon that is powerful enough to defeat the wicked Wizard, the Ironsword. However, the lost pieces of the Ironsword is guarded by Malkil in form of the four elemental powers.


The shop where you buy items and weapons

Ironsword is mostly a platformer with role-playing and action elements. You will mostly use precision jumping skills to navigate through the game. You will occasionally fight enemy's and make your charactrer stronger, but these elements are not scene as frequent as platforming. The goal in the game is to collect the four lost pieces of the powerful Ironsword wich is needed to defeat Malkil. Each piece is guarded by an elemental power and you will go through a domain of two stages for each power. In the first stage you must find an animal king that will help you to next stage if you give him a golden object that is hidden somwhere in the stage. In the second stage of the domain you must find a certain magic spell that must be used to defeat the Elemental in the end of the stage.

When all four Elementals are defeated and the Ironsword is reassembled, you can climb the IceFire Mountain for a final confrontation with Malkil. However, the final boss is a battle with the four elements and not a fight with Malkil in his true form.

A shop can be found in every stage where Kuros can buy weapons and items. There is also a Pachinko style mini game in the shop were you can gamble in order to win more gems to use in the shop.

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