Project Icarus is skipping E3 2010

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So according to Game Informer, E3 got a little less interesting: Irrational's new game, currently known only as Project Icarus, is going to be skipping the week. This is after Irrational has revealed literally nothing about the project, except for the fact that they're working on...something. This is a real bummer, because this was one of the major game announcements I've been looking forward to for a long time. This also seems to be another example of a long line of rockstar developers (not to be confused with Rockstar, though they certainly apply), given infinite time and money to do what they want on their own schedule, while the lower-tier guys are threatened with being shuttered if they don't get things out immediately.
So how bummed are you that Project Icarus and Irrational in general  are no shows?

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