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Isabela made a brief appearance in Origins, where she fought off a group of mercenaries occupying the brothel Pearl in Denerim. If Zevran is in the party he recognises her in The Pearl, although their history is never elaborated on; after a quick conversation and a game of cards with The Warden, she unlocks the Duelist specialization for rogues.

Her appearance was changed significantly for Dragon Age II.

Isabela was born in Rivain, but spent a great deal of time in Antiva where she was married - that is until her husband was murdered by her lover. Before she joined up with Hawke she was a pirate captain, but not long after the Blight her vessel was destroyed in a storm off the Wounded Coast, leaving her stranded in the Free Marches.

Hawke meets Isabela in The Hanged Man where she kills a group of mercenaries she refused to pay on the basis that the only information they had uncovered was worthless. She asks Hawke to ensure a fair fight in a duel between her and a man named Hayder. Hayder did not show up for the duel, sending mercenaries in to ambush Isabela instead; after dealing with the mercenaries she finds a letter on one of them, revealing Hayder's location in the chantry in Hightown.

When Isabela and Hawke confront Hayder in the Chantry he says that Castillo want Isabela dead for freeing a cargo of slaves that were aboard her ship when it wrecked.

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