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Ish is known for shady business dealings and  will not hesitate to betray a contact if it means saving his own skin or making a quick credit. He has many information contacts, but his willingness to stab you in the back make him an untrustworthy ally. He is frequently getting in over his head and is not nearly as smart as he thinks himself to be, frequently failing to cover his tracks after betraying those around him.

Mass Effect: Galaxy

In Mass Effect: Galaxy, Ish is Miranda's information contact for Jacob to meet on the planet Tortuga. Ish informs them where to find the Turian Illo Nazario they are looking for, but upon arriving at the location, they are confronted by a team of Batarian soldiers. They presume that Ish betrayed them and gave their location away to the Batarians, as no one else knew they were coming.  
Having completed Mass Effect: Galaxy will open up further dialog options between Ish and Miranda and Jacob in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2

Ish can be met again in Mass Effect 2 on the Omega space station in the alley outside of the Afterlife night club. He only appears after the "Stop the Collectors" mission on Horizon is completed. He has had information contacts leave data packages on Illium and the Citadel and offers you the job to retrieve them for him. The data is revealed to be information on Aria T'loak and her dealings on Omega. If Jacob is in your party when you first encounter Ish, Ish will become defensive when Jacob accuses him of sending them into an ambush in past dealings. If Miranda is in the party she will also have words for him letting you know she is familiar with him. If both Jacob and Miranda are in the party when you meet Ish, further dialog options open up when talking with Ish. Depending on how you complete the quest Ish gives you, he will either be killed or live to see another day. If you choose to have Ish killed, and either Miranda or Jacob are in your party at the time, neither is surprised that is how he meet his end.


 Ish is voiced by George Szilagyi

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