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Island Wars 2

Island Wars 2 Title Screen

Island Wars 2 - the South Pacific seas, warm sun, clear skies, crystal waters and two islands obsessed with destroying each others palm trees and you've got one explosive recipe for fun!

Hop in your biplane and bomb the enemy island while using your cannon to protect your own palm trees. Engage in aerial dogfights while collecting upgrades and to defeat your enemy.

Island wars 2 features 6 game types, 10 game play parameters, 5 computer skill levels, power up bonuses, and worldwide rating high scores. Cooperative or versus game play between 1 or 2 players. and a "Mutator" system which allows players to choose from 7 different modifications to the game such as "Matrix bullet time" or "PX35 Palmkiller" experimental aircraft.

Game types

Classic War or Duel

Classic war is the standard Island Wars game mode which pits red vs blue in palm tree supremacy. You may fight during a campaign of 2 to 10 days with each day split up into 3 sections corresponding to a time of day. Morning, Afternoon and Night. Either against an opponent locally or against AI.

The morning phase involves the first player "red" jumping in their bi-plane and destroying the second player "blue's" palm trees. In turn blue is tasked with defending their own tree's with their cannon. An "Afternoon" phase follows which the roles from the previous phase are switched around and finally a "Evening" phase where each player hop's in their bi-plane and must shoot each other down.

At the end of the set amount of days the player with the highest "rating" which is calculated from hits taken, palm tree's destroyed and how many of your own tree's are standing is the winner.


Eat Lasers!

This mode features the player as red against 10 opposing islands 1 day each. Like classic war only with the difficulty increasing gradually throughout the game.


A survival mode, in which you have between 1-10 palm trees that you must protect from 50 waves of diverse enemies ranging from explosive balloons to ICBMS.

Balloon Pop

A mini game mode in which you take charge of the cannon and you are tasked with popping as many balloons as you can during a set time limit, this is touted as a "speed and reflex tester"


What did I do to deserve this?

This mode is like classic war except you can customize every aspect of the game, ranging from the number of days, to the number of palm tree's, bomb distance and island size are only a few of the changes that can be made.


This simply turns the game into a beautiful backdrop of your island in the south pacific with lovely fireworks going of to save your screen.

Christmas Edition

When purchased Island Wars 2 comes with an additional "Christmas Edition" which turns everything into a holiday folly. Christmas trees instead of palms, sleighs instead of bi-planes and explosive presents and Christmas ornaments, an Island Wars re-skinned so to speak.

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