Any good "desert island" video games?

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Looking for a game with a LOST-like feel to it. Shipwrecked on an island. No (little) contact with outside world. Maybe neat mystical stuff? or simply just trying to survive. 
Off the top of my head: 
Lost Via Domus... which sucked. 
Some parts of Just Cause 2. 
Into the Blue DS series.. which I really didn't enjoy. 
Risen, though played some of that one already. 
Any others?

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Does Minecraft take place on a desert island?

#3 Posted by BaneFireLord (3085 posts) -

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot fits the bill.

#4 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1116 posts) -
@bigmuffpi: Stranded 2
Tried it about a week ago after watching a Let's Play of it. It is pretty interesting, but also very slow paced and boring at times. But it's free, so...
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#6 Posted by MattyFTM (14605 posts) -

Myst comes to mind. You're transported to a deserted island and have to search for clues as to where you are and how to get back home. It's full of mystery and mystical stuff.

#7 Posted by nintendoeats (6138 posts) -
Jurassic Park Trespasser
If I had to pick one life goal, it might well be to get that frigging game remade...and actually (as opposed to theoretically) good this time.

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