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Issei is the president of the student council. His father is a priest of Ryudou Temple and he lives at the temple with Kuzuki. Issei is a good friend of Shirou and frequently requests him to fix the school equipment. They often have lunch at the student council room.

On the other hand, Issei dislikes Rin after they both served in the student council in Junior High where he was the president and Rin was the vice-president. Issei developed a fear for women from that experience.

Fate/Stay Night


Issei requested Shirou to fix a broken heater. Shirou first displayed his Strengthening spell to analyze the heater to identify its problem.


Issei visited Shirou after he was absent from school for 2 days training with Saber and Rin. He saw Saber and took a liking to her.

Unlimited Blade Works

After Rider was killed at school, Rin suspected that there was another Master at their school besides her, Shirou, and Shinji. Since they knew that Caster was at Ryudou Temple, she suspected that the Master was someone from the temple. Shirou volunteered to investigate Issei and found him innocent. Issei then revealed that Caster was living among them, confirming Rin's suspicion.

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