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 Pictured: the Item Merchant.
The Item Merchant is a character in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. He is a mysterious man with a chicken mask, a patched up suit, and a shopping cart full of miscellaneous crap. His purpose is given in his name. Whenever Seto stops by a bonfire, the Item Merchant may or may not appear at random. When he does appear, he sells the player items like various weapons, healing items, and cat toys. In addition, he will buy any items in the player's inventory, key items and equipped ones excluded.
For much of the game, exactly what he is and what he does is never explained. However, when Seto reaches the dam with Sai, it is revealed that he is actually a robot. He collects items from around the world in an attempt to please his princess, who is actually a baby girl who has been dead for a long time. When Seto tries to sneak into "the princess' chamber", the Item Merchant becomes incredibly hostile, forcing him out of the chamber in order to protect the princess. Later on, however, he apologizes to Seto, realizing that he meant no harm to either of them. Seto attempts to tell the Item Merchant that his princess has been dead for a long time, but Sai prevents him from doing so, saying that it would be nicer to let him believe that she is still alive than to reveal the depressing truth to him.

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