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Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

Izuna is one of the few members of a masterless ninja clan, having been told that ninjas are no longer fashionable in the modern era. Looking for a way to earn easy money, she, her closest friend Shino, her mentor Gen-An, and their lackey Mitsumoto eventually find their way to Kamiari Village. Izuna and Gen-An make the mistake of trespassing on the property of the local gods, who enact their revenge by placing a curse on the villagers. Izuna has to take matters into her own hands and travel to the dungeons of the six gods, fighting them and attempting to talk them into lifting their curse.

Izuna's main weapons are a variety of swords and claws. She also has access to a lot of powerful ninja tools, such as shurikens, smoke bombs, caltrops, and talismans with a variety of magical effects.

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

After solving the incident in Kamiari, Izuna and her crew roam the land once again looking for work.

In addition to the swords and claws from her first game, Izuna can now also equip bows and arrows, boots, and arm-based weapons, making her quite the versatile fighter.

Cameo (Non-Canon) Appearances

Izuna and Shino both appear as special characters in Rondo of Swords (a turn-based strategy game) and Windy X Windam (a 2D fighting game).

In Rondo of Swords, Izuna is a recruitable ally in one of the later stages of the game, but to add her to your party, the player must first have found and recruited Shino in an earlier stage.

In Windy x Windam, Izuna is a mid-level opponent for every character in battle mode. To use her as a playable character, the player must first complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

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