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The Jabberwock in American Mcgee's Alice

The Jabberwock is part beast, part automaton, and one of the Red Queen's highest ranking mercenaries. It represents Alice's guilt, the guilt she felt for being the only one alive after a raging fire claimed the lives of the rest of her family. At first, Alice is not phased by his insults, which she calls "second rate insults", but the Jabberwock manages to upset Alice after calling her a "misfit, insignificant and unnatural child" and saying she couldn't be bothered as her room was protected and spared while her family roasted in an "inferno of incredible horror".

The Jabberwock as it appears in American Mcgee's Alice.

Initially, Alice couldn't defeat the Jabberwock, as she needed the Jabberwock Eye Staff, and the last piece of it to complete it is one of the Jabberwock's own eyes. Gryphon intervened and tore one of the Jabberwock's eyes off, allowing Alice to assemble the Jabberwock Eye Staff, now able to defeat the Jabberwock the next time she encountered it. However, the Jabberwock kills Gryphon before his final showdown and ultimate demise by Alice.

The Jabberwock attacks by breathing fire, shooting a beam of energy, claw swipes, swooping down with it's feet out, and finally shoot out a barrage of explosive projectiles. The second fight with the Jabberwock is considered to be the hardest boss in the entire game, perhaps even harder than the final boss itself. The Jabberwock's children, lightning-breathing creatures called Jabberspawn, are encountered as regular enemies in the final regions of Wonderland.

Alice: Madness Returns

The Jabberwock appears briefly when Alice begins to feel her survival guilt return. People around her are replaced by miniature versions of it and try to take her away from London.

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