The Legend Continues

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Last night, after raising over $30,000 to benefit aid relief in Japan, we celebrated by shutting down In N Out with the sensuous, jab-spamming action that is Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire. Old rivalries were settled (ILLiterate is still world's #2), newcomers were converted and the fire of competitive Jackie roared back to life.   
I fucking love Jackie Chan.
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Wow congratulations on raising  so much!

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$30,000?! Congrats Mr J.  Man I wish I could've gone to that.  Fists of Fire, like the other Wonders of the World, can only truly be appreciated up close and with a burger in hand.

#4 Posted by GlenTennis (3147 posts) -

Thanks Jackie Chan for 100 years of fighting game magic.

#5 Posted by mnzy (2930 posts) -

I'm pretty sure Jackie Chan would love you too if he knew what you did. Congrats. Also, I'll get a rom of that now. (Legal copy, of course)

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Great job on the fundraising and the proper after celebration.

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Thanks guys! I saw a lot of GiantBomb folks in the chat which is always great. This community has been really good to me over the past year or so, supporting iPlayWinner and a bunch of other wacky exploits and I really appreciate it.
And Jackie Chan is so goooood! I hadn't played it for a couple of months but man, it only takes seconds to get consumed all over again. I should have a video from last night soon where I have a total EVO moment with Mysterious Lion. NEVER GIVE UP!

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I saw that on your twitter feed. $30,000 is a crazy amount of money. You guys should be more than proud.

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Great to hear that you guys were able to raise that kind of money, and Jackie Chan, whether in video game or movie form, is always a good way to celebrate a job well done.

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That's a pretty good deal of money. Congratulations on raising so much!

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Hells to the yeah.

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Nice job!

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@MrJared: Police Story Jackie Chan or NO DEAL.
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30 grand is a job well done, but think about the money you could've raked in with Jackie Chan cash games! I'll tell you: MILLIONS. 

#16 Posted by rjayb89 (7730 posts) -

That game is magick, I tells ya! Magick!

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Good work raising all that money. I wish I could have tuned in, but I was gone all day yesterday and forgot.   :(

#18 Posted by VicRattlehead (1400 posts) -

congrats on raising all that money dude

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Jackie lives on... in our hearts

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Amazing job! I remember the QL for this game. Friggin' hilarious, but great at the same time.

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You're getting better!

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