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Jacques Portsman is a prosecutor that is willing to go to any lengths to ensure guilty verdicts are reached in his own cases. His detective partner is Buddy Faith, and his office is next-door to fellow prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. In fact, Miles Edgeworth's office is the scene of Faith's murder in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth's first case, "Turnabout Visitor". Portsman also appears briefly in the third episode, "The Kidnapped Turnabout".

Involvement in Turnabout Visitor

Portsman was the one who killed Faith after his partner discovered him rummaging through Edgeworth's office. In order to silence his partner, he took Faith's gun and shot him in the chest. Afterwards, Portsman tried to frame Detective Dick Gumshoe, who had access to Edgeworth's office, by writing "Gumshoe" in blood across some files.
The attempted frame fails, though, when Edgeworth proves Gumshoe's innocence. Portsman, as the lead investigator of the crime, then accuses Maggey Byrde as the perpetrator as she had the master key that was used to break into Edgeworth's office. Unfortunately for Portsman, all this does is delay the inevitable, as Edgeworth soon deduces his role in the murder.

Involvement in The Kidnapped Turnabout

Chronologically, this episode takes place one day before his arrest for the murder of his partner. Portsman makes an appearance after the case is concluded when he takes Ernest Amano away to question him about his involvement in the KG-8 Incident--related to a smuggling ring operation that happened ten years ago.

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