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This is Nino, Sonia's daughter who has a great friendship with Jaffar.
Jaffar's Story
Jaffar is a not-so emotional, enigmatic assassin in Fire Emblem. His role in the game is an assassin working for the Black Fang to kill the Prince of Bern, Zephiel and protecting the main Antagonist of the game, Nergal. On the night when he and the Black Fang's leader, Sonia's daughter, Nino were sent to kill the Prince, Nino had a change of heart and decided not to kill him because he did no harm. Of course Jaffar denies it because he's sworn to Sonia to kill him, but later on, he has a softer side to him, and also finally decides to betray Black Fang with Nino. Then they run away to the Temple where Sonia is dwelling and confront her to let her know of thier betrayal. Sonia doesn't really care anymore and tries to kill them both. Jaffar can't kill her by himself, and he does his best to protect Nino, but they are no match for Sonia. Then Eliwood's party comes and rescues Jaffar and Nino and kills Sonia, and then they press on to finding Nergal and stoping him.
Matthew (Left) confronts Jaffar (Right) once again.

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