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This game is a mod based off of the now defunct Sir-Tech Software's Jagged Alliance 2.  Wildfire adds and tweaks many weapons of the original, improves the AI,  and modifies the tactical map layouts.  It does not modify the original story, character interactions, or quests. 

The Wildfire release also included the original version of Jagged Alliance 2 and the original's source-code, which has led to the Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 community patch.

Main Differences Between Wildfire and the Original Jagged Alliance 2

  • Drastically increased foliage, making spotting for both the player and AI much more difficult
  • Many new weapons.  Existing weapons tweaked to increase lethality and realism
  • New layout in tactical maps (strategic map unchanged) 
  • More enemies, improved AI (more aggressive flanking, tactical retreat)

Generally, Wildfire greatly increases the difficulty level but since the original JA2 was included all for $20, the Wildfire release could be considered "JA2 with a new difficulty level".

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